There is a dedicated service that handles the transportation of cargoes from all Cameroon sea and air ports to various destinations within the CEMAC region. We contract with clients who require inland transport services for many containers, heavy duty equipments and parcel cargoes from the sea and or airports to various destinations within Cameroon, linking to Chad and the Central African Republic.

We provide regular maintenance for all vehicle types in Cameroon and neighboring countries such as Chad, Central Africa republic and Gabon.

To minimize container detention and demarrage at the port and reduce the cost to our clients, we have worked out a system to assist valuable clients with appropriate guarantees to obtain short term financing for their clearing, transportation and warehousing of their goods.

In a bid to better satisfy clients we operate warehouses in and out of the ports for prior storage before planning effective, efficient and cost-effective land transportation.

We rent automobiles and provide pick up services for short periods ranging from hours to weeks, we have a range of vehicle sizes to suit a variety of budget and space required for your satisfaction.

We play a mini role in the construction/building and public works by doing petite work such as carpentry, building, plumbery Etc…